Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Matt and Tallulah

Today was one of those fall days when you are glad to be alive and retired. Heh.

David and I ate lunch outside at Theo's. We sat at this wrought iron table, the sun warmed my back, and we drank ice tea and ate gourmet sandwiches. I told him I felt like I was in a movie, and that I wished he was Matt Damon.

David: Uh, his women don't fare too well in his movies.
Me: Good point, but, up until their death, they are pretty happy.
David: *rolls eyes*

This is what Tallulah did. Her hardest problem is staying awake.


I mean this blog can't always be about something.
Sometimes, it has to be about nothing.



  1. God, I love Matt Damon. I also love Johnny Depp. Why do I get Johnny Damon as a next door neighbor? Maybe there is no God. :(

  2. good picture of matt damon!!!

  3. You can never go wrong when Matt Damon is on the front of your blog!

    I definitely was more drawn to him than Tallulah. :P

    *sigh* I wish I was retired!


  4. I like Tallulah better than Matt! She is more fun!

  5. I should Photoshop Tallulah sitting on Damon like that. Or...Or...You sitting in Damon's lap! I like that one better! Think David would mind?

  6. You know, since this particular blog didn't really have a point, let me add the following:

    The stupid word verifications you're required to decipher and input prior to your comments getting posted, actually only serve to verify two things; a. they're stupidly annoying and b. they verify nothing.