Thursday, October 8, 2009

"That's bleak."

Today I met Natalie and Shelley for lunch at Figo, a pasta place on Howell Mill Road. Natalie and Shelley are both graduates of KMHS and attend Ga. Tech.

I drove 22 miles to have lunch with them. 22 miles?

I told them that we have Chick-fil-A here in the "burbs." :)

I love going out to lunch, and I would drive pretty far to have lunch with "some" of my former students.

Not Chris. Not Zaid.

But these two -- indeedy.

I was early because that's who I am.
They were late because that's who they are.
If they were essays, I could have taken off 25 points.

I waited out in front of this little "hoppin" in town eatery and watched the crowd.

It was hot. Of course, I am always hot. It comes with the territory, but I remember how it was to dress for work in the am when it's cool, and then for the October day to heat up to 80 or 85, and when I came out of work in the afternoon, I would look at myself and think "I wore a sweater today.It's hot. I can't believe I have on socks. It's hot. I'm sorry; I thought it was October."

Many of the people who came to dine at Figo came out of office parks or work situations. Men were in long sleeved shirts, women in boots, scarves, and sweaters. Twas humorous to me -- who can wait to dress when the sun is up, and the day has set to its temperature.

One of the many freakin' benefits to being retired.

I should make a list so that those who are "skeered" to retire will see all of these perks.

Natalie and Shelley arrived, we stood in line to give our order, all of us giggling and laughing and happy to see each other.

We ordered the special cause it was a deal -- a panini and a salad and tea for $5.95.

We took a table on the patio, which was sunny and chic. I felt like I was in a movie and doing cool things with my friends; I kind of was...

We chatted about everything from Shelley's wanting a MRS Degree so she doesn't have to take this job in Cincinnati and move.

Shelley: I love Atlanta.
Me: Cincinnati is a big town.
Shelley: But my family is here.
Me: You will have a job that pays you money. You can come home. You are not in prison.

We discussed Natalie's indecision about her major.

Natalie: I hate these courses I have. They are boring. The lectures are boring, and then I go home to read the textbook, and it is boring. Then I have to study boring. Do you know how hard that is?
Me: Of course, I do. I read educational theories and teenage narratives and journals. I have met boring. I know his evil.

We chatted about good teachers, bad teachers, Georgia Tech, its positives and negatives, their experiences, their friends, life, goals, fears, love, hate, bible studies, how their other classmates from KMHS were doing, and even why we like each other.

That last one was never answered. LOL

Natalie: I just don't know what to do. I thought I wanted to be pre-med, but I just don't know anymore, and I have to decide. It's so hard to make these decisions.

Me: Sometimes you just work to work. If you have the luxury of loving your work and it being your passion, then you are blessed, fortunate, and lucky. I was blessed. I loved literature, and then I loved teaching, but my job was my job -- I had other interests. I know people who have jobs that pay well that they can't wait for Friday, can't wait to walk out at the end of the day, but they have accepted it and have learned to find things about that job that they do like. You have to be in charge of that. Find the people you work with interesting, but find something about the job that is good. Then seek passion and love in other places. It just can't be your end all. Find courses you enjoy -- find things in them that are rewarding, and if you are blessed when you graduate, you will end up in a job you like, find satisfaction in, and can do for a living.

Natalie: That's bleak.
Me: Bleak? LOL -- sounds like you are describing a hilltop or a winter's day. It's a word from Dickens.

Natalie: I have never read Dickens.


Natalie:My mother is appalled too.
Me: You have to read Dickens. It's like necessary.

Then we drifted off to other subjects, drank four glasses of tea each, and then parted ways.

How many of my blog readers have never read Dickens? Confession time. I love to hear and know if you have or haven't and what book you have read if you have.

Meanwhile, Shelley and Natalie -- muah! Thanks for making me laugh and making me drive.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. LOL -- well, maybe you could make it worth my time?

    Whoops. You removed the comment.

    Iz sad.

    I was about to compliment you on your Dickens' reading. You can blow of GE, but you need to read David Copperfield.


  3. I realized I commented under the wrong blog name, but I'm glad you got to see my response. I occasionally venture back home to the Kennesaw area, so I'll email you about having lunch next time I go back.

  4. I not only have read Dickens; sometimes I think I am living Dickens but it's a far, far better thing that I do...."

  5. I have never read Dickens but I watch that movie every Christmas. :)

  6. Yep TT I have read Dickens although it was so long ago I am not sure it counts and now I have left a comment. I think that deserves some kind of teachery (is that a word?) gold star or something. LOL

  7. I read "Great Expectations" in high school and tackled "Hard Times" in English Lit in college. HT was not one of my favorites but I had a great professor and it was one of my favorite classes. Oh, and how can I forget "A Christmas Carol".

    Never read anything else by him. I saw the movies instead. My favorite one was "Scrooge", the musical version of ACC.

  8. I fell in love with Dickens in the 9th grade and tried to read everything he wrote. I never made it! I think he wrote 50 something books! My faves were Oliver Twist and David Copperfield!

  9. Girl - I really hope you took a restroom pitstop before driving 22 miles back home after 4 glasses of ice tea.

    Oh and the Mexican restaurant I was talking about, that if you ever make your way back into the city, is Nuevo Laredo on Chattahoochee Ave. The things I feel I need to look up on the internet after we talk.

    And as far as Dickens the man wrote one of my all time favorite books: "Tale of Two Cities" although I have also read "Great Expectations".


  10. I'm with Julie on Nuevo Laredo. It's about 1/2 mile from the condo.

  11. I'm late but you said I should comment anyway.

    Read Dickens? I own a couple. I should rifle through my bookshelf and read them again. Love Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist. I'm pretty sure I read Great Expectations too...way back when.

    My English Lit teacher gave me Tale of Two Cities, she was crazy but nice. Kinda like you! ;)

  12. I'm going to make you drive 44 miles to eat with me. Better yet, I'm going to make YOU drive ME 44 miles to eat.

    PS - I have read Dickens. Do I get a prize?