Friday, October 30, 2009

Remember the crappy papers?

I went over to KMHS today because I said I would.
Dr. Parrott was having food, and it was Friday. That's a really good day in public school. :)

BTW: Dr. Parrott? Did we ever find where "food day" is in the Georgia Power Standards? I think they must be under GPS 456. A, Section 4, Line 9, Gastric awareness?


I checked into the front office , signed my self in as a visitor, and placed my yellow sticker visitor's pass in a prominent place on my jacket. I didn't wish to be hit with a stun gun or tackled by an administrator in the cafeteria since I would be "strange adult on campus." Administrators get all kinds of itchy when they can make arrests.

*tee hee*

Imagine this:

Administrator 1: 84 to 85 ?-- Strange adult crossing cafeteria. Please 10-4.
Administrator 2: 85 to 89? -- Should I delay "strange adult" passage through hallway? Arrest? Detain? Give Saturday School? [salivates at the thoughts of paperwork]
Administrator 3: Am I 89?
Administrator 1: This is 84. Where are you 89?
Administrator 2: Do I Delay? Is this a code 3? Arrest? [please, please, please?]
Administrator 3: [finishes Sonic hot dog] I'm Yes, I'm in my office.
Sonic carhop: Here is your route 44 lime mountain slushie. Will there be anything else?
Administrator 1: What's that in the background? Are you questioning a student?
Administrator 3: *coughs, coughs* Yes. I'm in the middle of a 567.
Administrator 1: Let me know when you have completed the paperwork. We could use you in the cafeteria.
Administrator 3: Sure, sure. *clicks off walkie talkie and cranks car*

I stopped my Mr. Woodall's 2nd period British Literature class. Other than Kara Smith who screamed out "GILLHAM" like I was her collie, the kids were all kinds of "eh."


I loved you too.

When I went back later, I got a couple of words out of Erika, a shrug from Josh, a "hey" from Michael, a hug from Jamie, and a pretty much "IGNORE BUTTON" from the rest.

It makes the old adage -- "out of sight, out of mind" pretty accurate.

Loved you too, morons!

Woodall and I discussed the state of the school. It's still in the same state. :)


As I was leaving Woodall's classroom, Emilee H. shouted "Gillham" from the hallway -- and then pointed to her forehead and then to my forehead like we were whales, telepathically communicating --- as if, she somehow knew I was in the building....

*rolls eyes*

I then met up with Maegan, Monica, and Becca who apparently had escaped from A lunch in search of me since "word" was out that I was around.


We greeted each other.
I walked with them to the cafeteria where Jess met me in a dead run in the 45 degree hallway -- and she ran at me like she was in slow motion.

I felt like I was in a perfume commercial or underwater.

She hugged me, and then the four of us went into the cafeteria where I was greeted by Carly, Manross, Emilee H (again), Kara (again), and Little Otto -- where we huddled up like we were about to sacrifice a chicken ...

We giggled and snorted --

Emilee H: We look really cool.
Kara: *does little dance*

We were talking so quickly and so fast that I hardly caught what they were saying.

At one time I thought Jess had screamed, "I want to be fixed. I want to be fixed."

I've been out of the classroom a few months, so I don't have the hearing I used to... but I thought she wanted to be fixed. There was so much giggling and guffawing that I don't know what she said.

Maegan: I want you to come back.
Me: And do what?
Caitlin: Teach us. Teach us.
Me: I did that last year.
Jess: Do it again. This time I will listen.
Monica: Come back, please, I miss you.
Me: I miss you too, but that's it.

Those girls all made me feel good, and I missed them so --- and if I could go back and teach, have them in my classroom, and I didn't have to grade their crappy essays, I just might go back to teaching.

Only not.

Then I slid into the media center to see my favorite trio -- Nan, Trudy, and Sherry -- we yukked it up a lot, they listened to my stories, and it was just like old times -- except they told me I looked "rested."

That would have never been said about me when I taught school.



Then I went to see Betty Garner, now known as Lil' B since she's lost a million pounds. She looks great, and it was lovely to see her... she always makes me feel so good. Muah.

I stopped to see Artigas in my old room.


I saw my old walls, my old carpet (ick -- are the termites still there?), and for a moment, I was like "awww.. my old room, my old roommate" and then I was like...


Remember the crappy papers?

I stuck my head in Mixon's room to see Jessica, Laura, Amy, and Marjorie.

We did another EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, but this time it was answered by a boy across the room of unknown origin.

I answered him back with an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. and then we were done.

I looked for Mr. Mixon. He was no where to be found. Good thing I wasn't an administrator.
Then I'd have to call in a Code 6749999 also known as teacher gone AWOL. There is no class that runs more amok than the yearbook staff unless it's the magnet program.


I finally made my way back to Parrott's room where Caitlin and Cori were waiting to chat with me, but I got back too late.

They were sad. I was sad. I love those two girls. :)

Parrott had to give a vocabulary test, school had to return to normalcy, and I, yes I, got to leave by the back door --- and I got to leave with no regrets and no crappy papers to grade.

Pssst. Brian G? I think the answer to number 1 on Parrott's test was AB -- but I'm out of practice. The only word I can truly define these days is "REFREAKINTIRED."

Good to see you, all my friends.

Keats sniffs the jacket with the visitor's pass.

Keats: [smells school] hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.


  1. I am so glad that you came today! We have all mmissed you so much! Please come again later in the year.

  2. Let me just say that whole administrator dialogue is hilarious!!!!! I loved the sonic route 44 drink and the potential arrest. These blogs make my day :-)

  3. Gotta love the freakin magnet program!

  4. . . . and I saw you for 3 minutes.

  5. i put AB. So it better be right.

  6. haha, i love being in diolouge again! good seeing you gillham :)

  7. It was great to see you! I was having a pretty bad day, so that's why I was kind of down, but seeing you was a very nice surprise!

    "REFREAKINTIRED?" May I ask for a definition, synonym, antonym, and the derivation? lol. I'm such a magnet kid. & I have missed reading the blog. I finally got it to load so I am reading all of the recent posts :)

  8. Those girls all made me feel good, and I missed them so --- and if I could go back and teach, have them in my classroom, and I didn't have to grade their crappy essays, I just might go back to teaching.

    Isn't that what TAs are for?

  9. Highlights:
    Yeah I'm in my room, in the middle of a 567.
    I want to be fixed!

    The latter make me guffaw like a donkey. That's such a horrible sounding simile, but it's accurate.