Friday, November 6, 2009

Name that Beetle?

I heard a great podcast on the dung beetle.

Any takers?

According to Doug Emlin, the man who studied them, they're the equivalent to the mule deer.

*checks notes*

The males have serious weapons coming from their bodies -- some look like antlers, others horns, and still some like pincers..... and they do what all males do, well, most males, they fight for their female. :)

The one with curved horns is called the Taurus dung beetle. Heh.

Taurus? Bwahahaha.

I guess I could get a job naming dung beetles.


I would like to name nail polish, you know, since the latest color I chose, with the help of Lena, my favorite pedicurist, "Smokin' in Havana." The one before that --- "I Love This Color"
before that ... "That's An 'El" of a Color" ...

Talk about lame....

What was I blogging about?

Apparently even though studying them looks a little like studying chaos, they are well organized as well as well armed. horned. antlered. or well pinced?

You know what -- they have some rather sneaky males too -- they are not big enough to fight the big males (the armed ones), and they don't have these "extensions," so they burrow and try to sneak in to see the female.

The more we study animals, the more we see us?

Maybe I should talk about the guy who studied "rats" (nature's monster) for a year... hanging out between two fast food restaurants in an alley in Manhattan..... he and his buddies would go "Ratting" together.....

He said that rats like what we like -- fried food, fatty foods, but not vegetables.

He said they are extremely organized --- and that they can jump as high as a foot.


He said the big ones look like a theme park mascot.

He said there are some "really" big ones....

Somehow, this is not blog material.

It was animal week on NPR -- what can I say?

And I wonder why David keeps bringing home "business cards" from clients who have ideas of possible jobs for me.

I don't need a job -- I still have 37 more Podcasts to listen to.



  1. What kind of dung beetle was Gregor Samsa?

  2. LOL -- I'm sure he had "armor" to protect his sister.

  3. What's next? A lengthy discussion on Hissing Cockroaches?! *shudders*

    Heh. Cockroaches. Appropos, non?

  4. All of the dung beatles I know fight with their females, not for them.

  5. I think you'll like this Pearls Before Swine comic:

  6. Hey Mrs. Gillham!

    Can you email me at I need some advice about school pretty badly that I think only you can really help me with... Thanks :)

    Kelli Andonian

  7. Harriett, are your retiring as a blogger now?!! Come on! We need a new post. Surely you have at least taken a trip to Publix in the last week. (Since I live in the boonies, I don't even know how you spell that store.)