Sunday, November 22, 2009


"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity."

That's Biblical -- but this is not.

Bob and Toby came to fit the new vanity top in the master bathroom yesterday. They ripped out the old and put in the new.

The new didn't fit -- the sink was cut over too far to the right, so the drawer is in the way and the plumbing is wrong.

The boys at Marble Inc. didn't read Bob's drawing and measurements correctly.

Toby was not happy.
Bob was not happy.
They carried out the 300 lb vanity to the driveway.
Picked up the other new 300 lb vanity to put in the master bath, and it didn't fit.

So... Toby and Bob are mad at the Marble Inc men.

Looks like hubby and I will not be able to use the master bath sinks for at least three weeks.

But, you know who is most ticked?

Keats and Tallulah.

They both get on that vanity top that doesn't fit and look at the faucets.

Keats: Water. *stares at faucet*
Me: No water, Keats. The Marble men made a mistake.
Keats: Water. *stares at faucet then at me*
Me: There is no water, Keats. I can't make it.
Keats: Water. *stares at faucet*
Tallulah: If Keats wants water, I want water. Water. *stares at Keats*
Me: No water, Tallulah, no matter if Keats wants it and therefore, you want it. There is no water.
Keats: Water. *hisses at Tallulah and stares at faucet*
Tallulah: Water. *stares at Keats*
Me: No water for cats. Get it from the tub.
Keats: I want faucet water. *blinks at me*
Tallulah: Me too. Water.*blinks at me*
Me: Get it in the tub.
Keats: Okay.
Tallulah: Okay.

*stare at tub faucet, jump out of way when the water comes, stare at water*

Then it starts over again. Every time we go in the master bath.

Keats: Water.
Tallulah: Water.


  1. Three weeks?!! I would go insane right along with Keats and Tallulah.

  2. I love how the cats are the most ticked! Me, I'm just jealous that you are getting a new vanity! Although I would be scared to see what's under mine if I had to clean my old one out to get a new one ;)