Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cats don't do that.

Okay, I brag on my cats like other people brag on their children.


Tallulah. Is. Awesome.

Keats is awesome too, but she is at that "whatever" stage. You know - -"whatever, I want, but I am not gonna entertain you" stage.

Last night, David and I were watching the end of the Masters.

Keats was taking in some hot air from the refrigerator, and Tallulah was somewhere in the back of the house.

All of a sudden, Tallulah, carrying her collar in her mouth, comes into the living room. She jumps on the ottoman and drops her collar in front of David.

Tallulah: Uh, Daddy? This came off. You need to put it on.

She sits on the ottoman and waits for David to put the collar on her.

Tallulah is a cat.

Cats don't do that.

Just sayin'.


  1. Well your cat does! :)
    Watched the end of the Masters tonight. I'm such a dork I got teary eyed!

  2. Really smart cats do and it looks like Tullalah is one of them.

  3. *insert record scratching noise here* You were watching the Masters?

    Wanna know what Puttytat does with her collars? Removes them. Buckles? No problem. Safety snaps? Easy. And she doesn't bring them back. My theory is that there are about fifty collars buried in my yard next to the leftover beaks and feet.

    I finally found Beastie Bands collars, which are neoprene and close with velcro. She is currently sporting her "hearts and crossbones" neckwear. And she can't take it off. Bwahahahaha! Puttytat 50 - Human 1.

  4. Tallulah is a smart cat -- she's smarter than Keats, but that's because Tallulah is awake.

    The collar thingy really tickled us -- one of our former cats, Kitty Moose, lost his collars every six months. Occasionally, David would find them in the yard --- rusted out and ruined.

    He didn't have any trouble removing them either. He also did not purr when we secured them around his neck. Tallulah purrs.

    In fact, Kitty Moose rarely purred -- he just hissed and killed birds. He was not much of a pet.


  5. Puttytat has a message for Tallulah: Collars are the enemy. And never fetch. That will get you kicked out of catdom. I'll keep your secret this time, but don't pull a stunt like that again....