Thursday, April 8, 2010

O.M.G. Spring!

When I hear "spring break," it takes me back to teaching (LOL -- I'm acting like that was a long time ago), and the way that teachers, or should I just say the way I waited on spring break like an Israelite waited on Moses.

*flips back to Exodus*

BTW: Exodus. Good reading. Such drama!

I always counted down the days to spring break like it was a release from bondage --- a break from the five day a week sturm and drang of teaching, and when I waited for this particular week, I prayed for beautiful weather.

*twirls at sturm and drang*

Mostly, I prayed for the week to come, but a bonus was good weather... so many of my spring breaks were cold and rainy -- that unpredictable April weather that is so common here in Georgia. Many a time, David and I headed south -- only to shiver and wear sweatshirts and socks -- and that just doesn't scream --- spring.

But this week, and a lot of the world around me spring break, I awoke to beautiful weather -- gorgeous sunrises and weather that didn't resemble the typical weather when I worked and looked so forward to this week.

I looked out at that!

BTW: I've been on "break" all year.



This year, David wanted to go to the mountains during the school's spring break week because "work is slow since everyone is out of town."

I love the way he says, "everyone." It shows he doesn't go to Publix. There are still plenty of people in town. He also doesn't get out enough on Barrett Parkway.


We went to our mountain house and spent five days there --- the weather was heavenly, and when we first arrived, the trees were bursting to show green, but hadn't.

Just so you know, when we go to the mountains, it's not all fun and games -- you know bear watching, great breezes, or sitting on the mountain and looking out at our land and thinking, "damn. Our land. Our guns. Our fences. Our deer. Our turkey buzzards. Our mountain. Our view. Our neighbor with fourteen rusted out cars and three trailers and four barking dogs. Our peace and quiet."

Meals still have to be cooked, laundry has to be done, and well, Tallulah and Keats have to be kept from falling from the second level. It's not all leisure and mountain air.

This time, David worked even more than usual. He's a yard man, and he loves getting in the acreage and pulling brush pines up, weeding, mowing, and doing all that kind of back breaking work.

I actually like to walk the acreage and stare at the beauty, but he likes to work.

We're a pair made in heaven.

I'm serious. We're companionable. We work. We do.

I also like to sit on the porch and read. I don't have Internet at our house --- so I get tons of time up there not to be distracted by Yahoo News or my General Hospital message board.

Man. What is this blog about?

*looks at title of blog*

Oh yeah. Spring.

As we spent the five day at the mountain house, the warm weather just encouraged all of those leaves and blossoms that were waiting to show their finery to pop out.

When we arrived there on Saturday, the daffodils and forsythia were blooming -- but most of the hard woods were still at the first advent of green... they were holding back -- but by the time we left on Wednesday, the green leaves of the hard woods were feathering out and strutting their stuff.

The crab apple tree whooshed pink -- its blooms shimmering in the early morning.

Would you look at that?
Oh my goodness.
God made that. He did.

It's on my land. My Land.



Someone has got to pull out those weeds.

ETA: David and this dog, Leo, who doesn't belong to us, start out for their early morning walk in the mountains.


  1. Our spring break was last week . . . which made this week slower and a bit more arduous than usual, of course. Also, I just found out that the first day of school for us in the fall is on MY BIRTHDAY! Ugh. Happy Birthday, here are this year's monsters!

    In any case, this is a lovely post that makes me feel hopeful about love. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely Spring Break!

    My husband took the week off and the kids (7 and 4) were off and we decided to just hang out at home. It was complete chaos. I've never looked forward to Monday morning so much in my life.

    But glad you had a good week. ;-)

  3. You need to bring that dog home with you. Bring him home to me if you can't keep him. What a great looking dog. :)

  4. I love how you get a picture of David in your blog with your "not my dog" in it! :)

    I wonder if Tallulah and Keats like the dog?