Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sip and Strokes

Last night, two "walking" friends of mine and I went over to East Cobb to "sip some wine" and "make some strokes" on canvas.

Yeah, that's what I said.

Walking friends defined means [in retirement jargon] -- "the people you walk with to keep from having a heart attack or stroke or other diseases caused by sitting down too much, also known as really large butt syndrome."

My walking friends are Debbie and Becky.

Debbie, one of the girls, had been twice to Sip and Strokes and kept telling Becky and me how much fun it was to be taught to paint -- one painting at a time. She said, "they provide a simple painting template like flowers, trees, wine glasses, a guitar, a girl in a dress, etc."

Me: Huh?
Debbie: Yes. You pay $25 -- they supply the template, the canvas, the paint, the smock, the brushes, and the place -- you just bring a little vino and snacks -- and a teacher will teach you to paint this one painting.
Me: I can't draw stick figures.
Debbie: Doesn't matter -- it's fun.
Me: I can do fun. I can't draw it, but I can do it.

So, we picked the night that the completed painting was of wine glasses.

We headed to east Cobb to "Sip and Strokes" and painted the night away with Darla, our art instructor. Eh. Her name could have been Dari. She was Russian -- had been here one year and spoke pretty fluent English. Could be she learned it in her motherland.
I dunno. However, when she called the walls of the building "construction," I was thinking it was good to be over here where we have walls.

And I want to call the place Sips and Strokes.

*scratches head*

Anyway, here are the steps to walking away with a masterpiece, painted by you.

It's really hard -- so pay attention...

1. Pick up a brush.
2. Sip your wine. ( I had to practice that step -- man!)
3. Follow instructor.
4. Voila! Picasso.

Well, maybe more like Picasso when he was two, but you get the palate.


I have to admit that I was slightly nervous. It was like being in kindergarten with your easel up in front of you, and all your friends behind you and privy to your drawing.

You know the drawing we all did as kids on those stand up easels?

Well, I did them -- ultimately one of the art assignments in kindergarten was to draw your home and family.

I drew lollipop trees, flowers on steroids, stick figured parents and siblings with disproportionate feet, heads, and hands, and then something random in the yard like a balloon or a cow or a gigantic bluebird.

I did a mean "sun" -- a half circled yellow thing with death rays coming out of it.

Hey, it was the 60s -- that was before SPF 159 .

Come on, say you know that drawing.
Admit it.

I know you did one.

Anyway, at Sip and Strokes, and I dunno why I want to call it Sips and Strokes... LOL -- it took about two hours to come away with a completed painting.

At one point, you slip over to the side and dry your painting with a hair dryer. It speeds up the process -- this ain't the 18th century, you know.

I made friends too. A girl from two tables behind me came up and told me she liked my painting. I told her that she could buy it.


She didn't want it.
Her friends all came up and told me that I looked like I was having fun, and "come on" I had done this before.

Me: No.
Them: How did you know to bring wine?
Me: Uh, I mean, the place is called "sip" -- and "stroke" -- and I wasn't gonna drink my cleaning the brush water. Plus, Debbie -- [points to Debbie] had been before. You should always bring a pro to new experiences.
Them: Oh, I didn't think about that part.

One of the girls' name was Judy [I told you guys I make friends everywhere I go -- it's like a hobby --plus, I need blog readers] -- she did a slasher/horror movie kind of take on her painting.

When the instructor told us to write the names of wines on our paintings, everyone shivered.

Students of Sips: Write?

*hands shake*

That part was like being back in the classroom. If I said, "write," students would have apoplexy. It was sort of like that -- but the wine medicated the blow.

Judy: I just was a little heavy handed.
Me: LOL -- it looks like a serial killer was passing notes. PINOT.. he screams at you PINOT. PINOT. [Vincent Price laughter]
Judy: Be nice.
Me: I'll put you on my blog.
Judy: Make sure you spell my name correctly.
Me: I got it. I see it on your painting. J-U-D-Y. Bwha.

Anyway, it was totally fun.

When I came home with my painting, David said, "You painted that?"

Me: Is that a compliment?
David: Did it have numbers on it?
Me: Not funny.
David: *coughs* I like it. I do.
Me: Liar.
David: Come on, tell me it had numbers.
Me: Get me a hammer and a big nail; I'm hanging this thing in the living room.


My Picasso.

Becky, me, and Debbie.


  1. Two of your glasses are empty! Why am I not surprised?

  2. OMG girl that looks awesome! And I want to know are the two empty glasses the ones you h ad while painting the picture. I think you did a fabulous job and I still applaud you for putting pictures of yourself up on your blog! And one with a smock go!

    I would hang that picture! :)

  3. That place looks really fun, except I suspect I might be a little bit of a drunken artist by the end of the two hours . . .

  4. I guess Sip and Stoke is different here!! heh

  5. I've been there! My name and the date that I was there is somewhere on that wall...

  6. What a fantasic idea! They need to open one up here! I love your painting and I wish I could be one of your walking buddies! I sit for 12 hours straight on my work days....Lori

  7. Didn't realize I was using so many exclamation points. Looks like shouting when I read it :-)