Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take us to Lady Ga Ga.

I had a conversation recently with a graduate of The University of North Carolina, a savvy young lady with all kinds of smarts and a degree in English.

She's headed to Mississippi to do a stint in a program like Teach for America except it's Teach for Mississippi.

Okay, that's not the name of it -- but it's that type of program.

She and I chatted about Lady Ga Ga.

I called her Lady Gag Gag.

Her: She's a performer -- she's our Madonna.
Me: I'm assuming that you mean Madonna as in "Like a Virgin," only not.
Her: Yes, that Madonna. Lady Ga Ga is out to shock and get attention -- she doesn't claim to be a singer.
Me: She's not "my" Madonna, btw.
Her: Semantics, semantics -- you know what I mean.
Me: You're about to teach school -- there is no such thing as "you know what I mean."
Her: *rolls eyes*

Well, Little Miss Teach for Mississippi -- this cartoon's for you -- cause it sums up how I understand Lady Ga Ga.


ETA: My nephew sent me a link to an article written about Lady Ga Ga in June of 2009 -- if you're interested --- http://www.slate.com/id/2220502


  1. I don't like Lady Ga Ga... even if she is supposed to be our generation's "Madonna"

    I think her outfits are ridiculous and her songs are annoying... so I agree!

  2. I read that Lady G is a hermaphrodite. Talk about talent! (sorry)

  3. I don't understand Lady Ga Ga...