Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Dusk .. and a "Lit" Cat

I love the winter sky. 

Yesterday as my friend Debbie and I walked Pigeon Hill at Kennesaw Mountain, we heard the sound of sandhill cranes as they filled the sky in their V's and headed south. Hundreds of them flew over head and squawked and honked. 


Tonight, when Tallulah and I had our "hour" on the deck, I couldn't believe the colors in the west.
* double sigh*

Tallulah climbed on the railing: I loved how the Christmas lights "lit" her up.

I am blessed to have the time to notice.



  1. Oh Tallulah is simply glowing! I have missed you, my friend....these are busy times I know :-0 And as for the photos? They are divine! I am glad you have found time to relax and notice. I know many people who have the time but they don't stop long enough to notice! You are blessed, truly, because you do! I sure love your sense of humor :-) Lori

  2. What lovely pictures of the sunset. I'm lucky enough to have a room that faces the sunset each night, and since I'm on the sixth floor, I can see it well. I take pictures at least a couple of nights a week. Sometimes, even when you know the sunset will be there the next day I feel like I need to capture it right then.