Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lakemont, December 10 and 11

 Dec. 10, 9:30 PM  full moon

Dec. 11-- 7: 15 A.M. dawn, as a I read in a novel, showed up "with a smear of pink" or as
Homer [not Simpson, *winces*] described it more than once:  "rosy fingered"

Tallulah greeted early morning with me... note her front paw ... she kept lifting one and then the other from the deck railing which was covered in frost...

morning visitors --- late sleepers -- in my book -- showed up about 8:30 A.M.

As I watched this one, he/she? kept lifting one hoof and stomping .. even though I took photos from the window, he/she seemed to "warn" me or "the others" that I was there.... *shrugs*

Note: I know you "real" photographers out there are shaking your heads at my "amateur" photos. Ya think I need a tripod in order to capture the moon more clearly?
Bigger lens?
Different hobby?

BTW: I read this somewhere:  
Blog Breakdown --
1/3 stories about "crap" somebody cooked, knitted, or sewed
1/3 conspiracy theories, 
1/3 self promotion.

I think I know where I lie.

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  1. So... what does that say about those of us who read the blogs?