Saturday, December 17, 2011

Different Friends; Same Jacket

I'm turning in to a photo blogger these last couple of posts.

The holidays not only will bring the family to town [as David calls it "the circus"], but it also allows time with good friends.

Marilyn, her beautiful daughter Ramsey, and I stand on Ramsey's front porch before her Christmas open house. Love these girls!

and, my dear friend Brenda, whom I taught with at HHS, and I grab a few moments as she is in Atlanta from South Korea where she now teaches for the Department of Defense.

Eh. I know I have on the same jacket in both photos -- but, you know, the jacket is good-looking.


  1. it is a good looking jacket friend :) and you are beautiful! by the way, i wanted to let you know that i borrowed "as i lay dying" from the library and really enjoyed what i read of it... unfortunately i am a desperately slow reader and have a stack of about 20 books on my night-stand, so haven't finished it yet, but thank you for the recommendation :) merry christmas!

  2. Hey Harriet! Hope you had a Merry Christmas, I am back from traveling and getting in touch with bloggers again....Love the jacket BTW! Lori