Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebration 2.1

Held at the Coweta County Club, the rehearsal dinner for Angie and Paul's attendants, family, and guests featured an Italian buffet. What's not to like about that? As we walked in, the low lights and the shiny chafing dishes cast a romantic glow.

Bryan took those two pictures -- he has the touch. Every photo I took looked like I didn't have a flash or a steady hand.

Small, intimate tables, set up around the room, offered us easy conversation with our table mates. David and I sat with my brother and sister-in-law -- first up in these candid, yet posed shots taken by, uh?

 Janet and Hunter
This picture of David amuses me. He looks kind of happy. :-)
Note: David loves family events. Really.
Angie and Paul.
Sorry, Angie, looks like you were in the middle of a meatball.
Kayla and Andrew
 Bryan and Nora
 Margaret and Chapman
The Tribe
The parents of the groom -- Kenneth and sister-in-law Sally

 Brother and best man Glenn gives a toast.
The fab four.
Except not.

A lovely evening of toasts, good food, and family had us all smiling --- 
and Paul?
When you decided to get married on the same weekend as the baseball playoffs, I was like, Really?
Then, I realized that you saved me from the Braves' debacle.

Love ya.
All of ya.

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  1. WOW, you have been celebrating up a storm...everyone looks great, in that one pic, your husband has a Clint Eastwood kind of expression...like I will smile if I must, go ahead make my day! Great fun had by all it looks like! Always glad to stop in here....