Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebration Round 2

Another cause for excitement and celebration was the marriage of my nephew Paul to Angie on October 6.

First event:  
11:30 AM, October 5th
Bridesmaid's Luncheon
 hosted by my sister, our sister-in-law Janet, and me

The menu
[totally Southern and ideas courtesy of [stolen from] Southern Living, March 2012]
 chicken salad, congealed salad, green salad, banana bread, blueberry muffins, cranberry and walnut bread, all topped off, if you liked, with honey butter.
Beverages -- 
iced tea, sweet, of course, and coffee for one of the bridesmaids who seemed to be having trouble recovering from the bachelor- rette party the night before-- apparently part of that soiree included the viewing of Magic Mike.

 *still trying to delete the images from the trailer of that movie from my memory*

Dessert -- butter balls, lemon bars, or German chocolate brownies.

So good.
I made none of it, [my sister and Janet are fabulous cooks];
btw, I made myself available to offer opinions and do taste tests.
[still recovering, you know, from a wrist injury -- *snickers* -- I predict it aches through the Christmas holidays]

Those butter balls needed lots of testing.
*tee hee*

FTR: I did help set the table.

My friend Becky did the flowers.
Aren't they beautiful?
Seriously, she goes with us to Costco where we pick out the colors of  flowers we wish to use; she disappears inside her house with them  for a couple of hours and then calls us and says, "they're ready."

More than ready, I'd say.


The above pictures, taken by my uber-talented photographer of a nephew-in-law Bryan, except for the last two, belong in a magazine. 

Don't you think?

We all enjoyed ourselves; the bridesmaids and bride scooted off to get ready for the rehearsal, and I ate more butter balls.

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  1. There is nothing like a wedding in the South. It's an art form.