Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebration 2.2 or THE Wedding

That's what it was known as: THE WEDDING.
 For almost two years, we waited for October of 2012, and for Paul and Angie to get married.


Right now, the 'phews and 'news [the news are done, actually] average a wedding every two years -- Amy and David in 2008, Nora and Bryan in 2010, and now Paul and Angie.

With five 'phews to go, and if the mean average stays, then by my lame calculations, the last 'phew gets married in 2022. At that rate, I will be older than Methuselah.. and
the Four Horsemen will have arrived -- hmmm?
Let's double up or triple up -- what do you say?

At 2 pm on October 6, 2012, Angie and Paul married at Something Special in Newnan, Georgia.
{BTW -- I love that the venue called itself that -- as opposed to Mediocre Memories.}

Around 10:30, David puts curls in Angie's hair while she chows on a bagel.
After the hair is done, Angie's posse poses for a parting shot.
Before the wedding, David and I eat a sandwich on the square in downtown Newnan.
David girds up for the wedding.
Andrew and Kayla
Kenneth, and his son, the handsome groom, Paul
Bryan and Nora
Margaret, Chapman, and a mum on steroids

Bridget and Glenn
Janet and Hunter
Aren't these bridesmaids' dresses fun?
No matter how exciting a wedding is --- it's imperative to check Facebook? NYSE? Twitter? Suri's Burn Book?
Bryan, the best photographer in the family by marriage, loves to capture other  people taking pictures. Thus, Ralph takes a shot from the corner. Ha. I make Ralph sound like Pete Maravich.
Nora and  Stephen
 Hunter checks his F-stop and frowns?
Hunter and me
Half way through the festivities, David re-works a pin.
Frogs on the cake.... ducks on the pond... sorry, couldn't help myself.

Got ya, Bryan.
So Hollywood

Angie and Paul
Bryan has a lens that Bardwell {Chapman's Margaret} calls the Hubble. Here Bryan catches us {Hunter and sister Margaret] from across the room. 

As we waited for Angie to change into her "going away dress,"we got into the bubbles. We had a [unannounced] bubble blowing contest -- much to the chagrin of the wedding planner who thought we were "jumping the [wand]."
  No worries. There was enough bubbly there to send off all of the wives of Larry King.

David won.
David and Hunter contain their excitement.
Andrew, Kayla, and Stephen leave a space for brother James, who is in the Air Force, and unable to attend his cousin's wedding.

Glenn's well known for his "thumbs up" -- this time it means the getaway car is ready.

Glenn, Paul, and Amy
The Tribe

One last chuckle from Bryan with his Hubble -- the removal of my shoes in the parking lot.

*tee hee*

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  1. Miss H - I reckon if you were British that "mum on steroids" comment might be offensive.

    What a beauty full wedding. Thanks for sharing.