Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebration Round 1

Life's been really full [running over the rim] lately, but I embrace it because it's been family celebrations.

Happiness is only real when it's shared. 

I read that somewhere -- and as I got together with family and friends and we rejoiced in these life-changing events, I thought about that phrase.

 My niece is having a baby --- a boy. 
I've already called it Little {grand} 'Phew.
Yee haw!!!! 
More 'phews. 
*rubs hands together gleefully*

 We [her family, friends, others] showered her with gifts -- at a party given by her sister-in-law Angie and Amy's two friends, Kristy and Robin.

I attended because I will be a grand aunt [in more ways than ever] and because there is always good food.

Ain't this crazee? 
Cantaloupe and watermelon and berries.
Baby in carriage. 
*tee hee*

I'm glad they didn't use a cabbage for the head cuz... well, you know.

Since my niece picked a jungle theme for her nursery, after all -- it's family, the cupcakes decorated by  Angie and her husband, my nephew Paul, made me giggle.

I mean -- monkey cupcakes?
Just the word monkey sends my family into random giggles.

BTW: I had three -- one of each animal -- after all, they demanded it.

Amy got all kinds of gifts, but at one point, after many gifts had been opened, a shower attendee noted that Amy should save the paper for her scrapbook, and co-hostess Kristy, who had been crinkling it up and shoving it in a bag, had a moment.

Amy and her husband David are both Georgia Tech grads.
Poor phew.
He received -- bee hats, bee socks, bee books, bee paraphernalia, so he'd better bee good.

These tie-dyed one-sies were awesome -- and I imagine the Little 'Phew sporting and strutting in these as he cranks out the various things that babies do. 

All of the other babies in Germany, where my niece and her husband currently live, will bee jealous. 
I doubt they have these at the Wertheim Village. 
Just sayin'.

Kristy and Robin made them.
Aren't they adorable?

My other niece Nora, who was not able to make if all the way from California for the shower, gave Little 'Phew an elephant she knitted.

You know that makes you wanna go "awww."
I think Tallulah needs one.

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