Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hamlet's vest

Staying up to midnight to watch the Olympics has been an indulgent pleasure. I love the Winter Olympics even though I personally have never done one single one of them in my life.

I have lived in Georgia all of my life --- there just aren't that many luges, ice skating rinks, or high hills to ski down -- in fact, the Winter Olympics are as foreign to me as Japanese animation movies or wearing a size 4.

Not part of my realm.

*tee hee*

For the last three nights, I have stayed up to midnight to watch the men's moguls, the pair figure skating, the snowboard cross, and then last night I found myself watching the men's single figure skating.

I don't know why -- the outfits alone sent David to bed.

It had something to do with the Russian Plushenko and his arrogant, cold war stare at all the other contestants. I just wanted someone else to beat him.....

Then came the parade. It became like a parade.
First the Japanese Takahashi who was terrific -- but his Michael Jackson/Elvis/Dracula outfit made me go ... "huh"?

I applauded him because his score rivaled, but did not exceed the bloody Russian, but it did make Plushenko shift in his seat, the seat he had taken in the stands with his girlfriend.

I know that the little vignettes that NBC tells about the athletes humanizes them more, but I dunno, he was just too ....... above it all.

The cold war is over -- except on the ice.
No pun intended, of course.

When is it that the outfits became so distracting? I guess I have fallen asleep in years before the outfits became so ----- flamboyant, radical, and weird --- the pink tassel, the feathers, the zig- zag transparent up the arm, Hamlet's vest, see-through gloves, and then ....... lightning bolts?

I got the outfit kind of fits the music.
I get the artistic expression.

But, the two guys from the USA -- Weir (pictured to the left) and Lysacek (pictured above) -- I was like --- are the American male performers channeling Adam Lambert?

Gawd. No wonder David went to bed.

Meanwhile, the Russian is still ahead...

*sticks pin in Khrushchev voodoo doll*

I'm kidding I'm kidding.


  1. Thank you for putting into words what I was thinking last night as I too watched the men's figure skating! At first I thought the feathered gloves were ruffled sleeves!! Johnny Weir's pink tassle was too much. I think he should add a "d" to the end of his name!! Weird...

  2. so I think your next blog should be about Shaun White... He's kind of cute, in addition to being an awesome snowboarder. I've looked into getting a cardboard cut out... haha. Do you want one?

  3. Haha! I agree that all of the men look like Adam Lambert with those costumes. I can't get over the feather, rhinestones, and pink.

  4. I believe I have discovered the secret to being in medal contention in the Winter Olypics. Are you ready for the secret?

    Don't fall.

    Seriously. I'm on the edge of my seat in every event hoping that someone either will or won't fall, depending on who they are. (The only summer sport I can think of where I feel this way is balance beam in gymnastics.) Don't get me wrong. I love a good wipeout, but doesn't it seem strange that these people train 24/7/365 their whole lives for an event, and success or failure comes down to something as simple as remaining upright?

    And regarding Sean White: He's hot? I don't see it. To me, he's Carrot Top without the bad jokes.

  5. My friend said she saw in the paper that they had the male skater's heads and butts and you were supposed to match them up. What fun.

  6. am i e-mailing the wrong person? cause i have sent you like three... that would be unfortunate if i am. cause then someone would be receiving all mye personal thoughts...... AHHHHHHH

  7. Yo, Jamie? I can't email you from here. Hit me up at my home email - Emilee and Kara both have it.


  8. But...the costume feathers help them fly their axels, right?