Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mother, 1946

Since I have been writing about my mother a lot, here's a picture of her taken in 1946 when she was 28 .... cute little shirtwaist, bow in the hair, and high heels -- you gotta love the 1940s -- folks were dressing to hang out on the farm.

Photo taken on her parent's farm in Appomattox, Va.

She's doesn't look like a sergeant, now does she?


I have been trying to get my scanner to work consistently since I bought it -- it likes to war with my virus protector as well as insisting that I have "imaging" going on elsewhere.

Me: Where? Where?
Computer: [silence] *blinks error message*

So, while it's working, I thought I'd put this up....

More later.

Scanner is giving me the "error" button.


and here we are in 1986 -- forty years later --- and I must admit, I had a great hairdo.


Okay, no more scanning for me -- I want my readers to not be afraid of the blog....


  1. What a hot little tart you were in 1986. I had known you for 4 years then and I don't remember you being so hot. :)

  2. Girl! I have to give you so much credit for posting that picture of you!!! I have to admit the hairdo was great, and the white paints with the thin belt, yep you were in high fashion there! :)

  3. L -- that's because YOU were so much hotter. LOL

    Julie -- I am always in fashion -- LOL -- and I love that picture of my mother. It captures her to me -- so I don't care so much of what I look like...

  4. Love this! Hearing about my Grandma always makes me smile!

  5. Oh gee, you are so much like your Mom! I love the picture!

  6. Did you notice the shadow in the lower right hand corner of the 1946 picture of your Mom? Do you think it is your Dad taking the picture? I enjoyed the pictures!

  7. That is the "Miss" McDaniel I remember from 1976. You really have not changed that much. I'm all caught up on the Blog and look forward to future updates. You have a funny family and an aptitude for making fun of them. That is my job in our family and must be taken seriously. Congrats on the Star Teacher Award. Great honor.
    *doesn't twirl

  8. Griff, what would it take for you to twirl?

    I love both those pictures, especially the soft glow of the second and the background.

    What would you say was the biggest lesson learned from your mom?