Thursday, February 11, 2010

Star, the French, and No Anna

The Star Teacher banquet was fun --- Caitlin and I yucked it up over various things we found amusing -- the food, the decorations, the mispronunciations of names --- you know, banquet kind of stuff.

The speaker was Miss Cobb Outstanding Teen -- complete with tiara, violin, and cocktail dress.

I thought it was a little weird having a teen talk to teens about being "all smart and everything," but this cute girl was charming and funny -- and her speech was less than 10 minutes.


She then played her violin --- not "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" -- but Mozart. I thought she was good. *shrugs*

Of course, my experience with the violin limits itself to 4th grade orchestra, but when Ced Gunter called me a name on the walk home from school, I clocked him with the violin, case and all.

I don't believe he called me any more names.

Whoops -- off topic -- man, good thing this is not a timed writing. Right, Dr. P.?

At the banquet each Star student and Star teacher walks to the front to receive their certificates, and the Star student tells the crowd why she or he chose this teacher.

Caitlin lied about how I inspired her, made her read and write or some such nonsense, and then after Caitlin relaxed [I mean who wants to talk in front of a lot of people?], we laughed at the range of personalities of the star students.

One start student said that her teacher "made French adulterous relationships" interesting.

Caitlin: {looks at me}
Me: {looks at Caitlin}
Us: Bwahahahahahaha.

*thanks God for Caitlin*

Another one chose his Star teacher cause -- "she's like ..... really intimidating.... I mean... like scary intimidating."

Caitlin: {looks at me}
Me: I'm not intimidating.
Caitlin rolls her eyes.

Oh, and Anna? -- She gets herself mono and misses the banquet.

Yo, Anna? That's what you get for all that kissin', you know?

Anyway -- Caitlin, thanks. It was special. You are special. I'm blessed.

Picture is of me, Caitlin, Anna's Star Student certificate, and Dr. Maffe.



  1. Congrats girl so deserved!!!! Sounds like it was fun!

  2. I always get a mental image of you twirling everytime you write *twirls*. You do mean a baton, right? ;-)