Saturday, February 13, 2010

"That ain't no cat."

We were blessed with such a beautiful snow -- it's amazing how lovely it is -- as magnificent as it was yesterday -- this morning it's breathtaking.

Wingate used to say, "magnificent" all the time in regards to nature. It was always a right call.

As I sit here writing this blog, I hear the neighborhood sounds, muffled last night, coming awake.

My next door neighbor came out as I was taking pictures, and I could hear the "crunch, crunch, crunch" as he walked across his driveway -- but mostly I hear the "thump" of big clumps of snow falling from the trees, roofs, decks, and porches as it gives way to the morning sun.

The birds chirped in the rhododendron, the ducia, and crowded each other out at the feeders, gathered there like rednecks at the last boiled peanut stand in Georgia.

The dogs are barking again -- across the street the deep bass of the hound I never see, and behind me, Sabrina and Lannie, two border collies bark snappily at the snow in the yard -- to them, it must be a big WTH?

As the sun came up today, it was postcard perfect.

Now, as the sun gets higher -- it's blinding outside -- and only sunglasses will do to walk or drive in this now.

It's crisp; it's lovely; it's a rarity here -- I'm always glad to see it -- but as my friend Jules, who lives in Maryland said yesterday, "I'm sick of snow." Of course, she's had 12 feet. I hear ya, sister!

Another girlfriend, J, who lives in Vancouver said, "how often do you get snow like that?" I told her -- "I dunno.Once every ten years?"

I think she needs me to mail her some.

Speaking of Vancouver, I did think the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were well done, and in spite of the tragedy, held with the right amount of somberness and celebration.

What a tragedy --- and as I told David last night -- how awful to have your loved one's last seconds recorded on film like that.

That is a grief too big.

BTW: David and I had a discussion last night as to the tracks in the snow shown here in these pictures. David said "cat," and I said, "bigger." What do you guys think?

The tracks came out from under our front porch -- could be followed to the edge of our woods then to our deck near the bird feeder.

Let me know -- I think opossum or raccoon. Then, I'll tell David -- my blog readers said, "That ain't no cat."



  1. Oh, I get to see if from afar. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Those prints are definitely not a cat but I can't think what they would be with the pointed toes!

  2. Yup, mail me some, maybe I can get into an event if I tell them I brought snow. *teehee* It's raining right up the mountain!

    Bobcat? Nah...didn't think so.

  3. Your snow I have to admit is way pretty than ours at this point! Love how J and I made the blog this morning! Missed the Opening Ceremonies last night but I loved reading the commentary! I remember getting snow in Atlanta and both times my cars got stuck :P. One was a Nissan convertible and then the other was a Jeep. A Jeep yep!

    Oh, and definitely not cat! I'm thinking a possum. We used to see possums when we lived in Roswell. If it was here I would have said deer because they are all over the place where we live now!

    I am waiting for my drink btw! :)

  4. "Gathered there like rednecks at the last boiled peanut stand in Georgia." Oh, my!

  5. GILLHAM!!!! i miss you!!!

  6. Nice snow pictures...I need to get my camera out and take a few pictures of the snow here.

  7. I was pretty surprised to see them show that clip so much, or at all really. The snow looks nice down there. It seems like every weekend we get some more up here.

  8. I'm with Zach. The fact they showed the clip at all left a bad taste in my mouth. It was bad enough his family/friends were there to witness it but to have the media run the footage so frequently, I thought, was disrespectful and callous. I think it goes to show the type of society we've become, too focused on things that are absolutely none of our business.

    That snow looks absolutely beautiful and pristine and that sure as heck ain't no cat. I vote for 'raccoon'. We have a family of five here that wander into our courtyard now and then to take a swipe at the fish in the pond. Marks look like the ones those leave in our plants.