Sunday, October 24, 2010

October's Last Lights

David, Keats, and Tallulah and I sat on the deck this afternoon and watched a flock of starlings move into the trees behind us. About thirty of them hung around in the trees, flitting about and making noises like thug birds.

Both Keats and Tallulah eyeballed them, perhaps hoping they would swoop down close enough for them to swipe at -- they are both de-clawed-- they can only dream.

As we sat there, I looked at the light --- these last days of October bring a different hue, perhaps a different slant -- a different color....

Meanwhile, Tallulah got tired of the light and decided to sniff after the tree frog that hangs out in the English ivy. She's got the attention span of a chipmunk.

I certainly have turned into a blogger of pictures, haven't I?


  1. I thought the cats had to stay indoors.

  2. i love the light. and the pictures. thank you for stopping by my place, friend, so i could find yours. bless you.

  3. Our autumn shows up in the location of the sun rise. It moves so far to the south that it is almost blocked out by the houses next door. During summer, it is directly in front of our house. Love the winter:)

  4. I like your pictures and your afternoon with starlings in the light.

  5. I love when the trees fill with birds. And they seem alive, like their own kind of creature.