Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random photos from a foreign land..

Lots of Pennsylvania prettiness like this --- sky, road, trees, and, of course, windshield bullet hole.

Pennsylvania loves a biker. Just sayin'.
And.... there doesn't seem to be a helmet law -- no wonder these folks say "Stillers."

What would Ben Franklin think?

Bridges. All kinds. All colors. Must be all those engineers, put out by Carnegie Mellon.
Seriously, I said to David a lot of times, "Look at that bridge."
David: "Seen one. Seen them all."

*rolls eyes*

The car that David would rather look at than listen to me.
It's a 356 Porshe.

"They called it the tub."

Just in case, you are on Jeopardy.

Road trivia from David.


I've got lots of blogging material.

I know you guys are holding your breath.


Night. Night.
I'm in Amish country -- truly, worlds have collided.

I mean SMASH.


  1. Are all your photos from a moving car?

  2. I wish I were in Pittsburgh visiting my best friend in the world and playing with her sweet baby!

  3. Edie. Yes, all are from a moving car. David never let me stop.

    Claire -- I wish I could have seen Tiffany, but the wedding weekend was packed -- and don't get me started on "Pit" traffic.

    *runs and hides*

  4. Oh, I used to love going through Amish country on the way to the outlet malls when my parents lived back in Pennsylvania.

    Yes, that does sound odd doesn't it?!

    It's like simplicity meets consumerism at an unmarked crossroad.

  5. Those are amazing pictures. Kudos to you on your camera skills, TT.

    I love Amish country. We stopped there on a school field trip once in 5th grade. My poor brain exploded for a few minutes before my teacher was kind enough to explain that we hadn't been transported back in time.