Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smacked in the Head at Off Broadway!

That sounds a little like a headline, doesn't it?

I went by Off Broadway Shoes to return a pair, and while I waited for the clerk to do the paper work, I looked at a purse on one of those portable, metal racks that has hooks on it to hang merchandise. The purse, ugly in its gangsta chrome, gold, big swash-buckles, squishy, squeaky faux leather, was, I was sure, overpriced.

So, I reached up to check the price, and the whole thing toppled, smacking me right between the eyes.


Ouch. I mean, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

When I think of the whacks people take to the head in the movies or the many wallops Coyote took in the Road Runner cartoons, I can't imagine what a smack to the head would feel like that actually knocks me unconscious.

Geez. My head ached all day -- seriously? People get up from them -- and chase the bad guys? I don't think so....

The clerk at Off Broadway fussed over me a little like she thought I might sue, but what would I do with all those purple blingy or fuzzy boots?

Today, I am fine, but .....

What if I had a huge bruise on my forehead for my niece's wedding?

I could hear my niece in a few years telling her children as she pointed to a picture from her wedding day: "That's great Aunt Harriett with the blue forehead -- she said that she got injured in a shoe store," *rolls eyes* but we don't know the real story. We never know with her." *shakes head at Great Aunt Harriett's foolishness....*

The Smacked in the Head at Off Broadway story was just a lead to let all my blog readers *rolls eyes* know that David and I are hitting the road on Thursday for a week -- we shall attend my niece's wedding in Pittsburgh on Sunday and then my brother, my sister-in-law, other niece and her husband will do a short little vacation together. This is not the niece that's getting married -- cause what kind of honeymoon would that be with us tagging along? I mean, we are fun, and I am handy in a card game, but... well.... never mind.

I shall take my laptop along -- just in case the Russians invade, the Martians land, or Jason and Elizabeth get back together.


I might just have some stories from the road, or the wedding, or THE FAMILY.


BTW: The purse was 39.90. In case, you know, you're like interested.

Just in case, you missed these.


  1. Love that you go from Russians.. to Martians.. to soap opera stars. And you should have bought the purse - I think you could pull of the faux leather chrome wannabe-gangsta... ya think?

  2. Have a great trip! I hope your head feels better. If not, maybe it will provide a convenient excuse if you need to make a skedaddle.

  3. "The clerk fussed over me like I might sue..." -- that's a laugh out loud line. At least it wasn't a china cabinet.

  4. did you get it? the purse, I mean? It might come in handy if you encounter hostile natives at the wedding :) Sounds like a weapon. Or maybe just the boots.

    Made me smile with this one.

  5. Armageddon might happen before Jason and Elizabeth get back together. You certainly had me chuckling today.

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding and a safe journey!

  6. This made me laugh out loud, and that's saying a lot, as it's 4 a.m. (insomnia...muah as you might say). Anyway, loved your story...glad you're okay...have fun at the wedding!

  7. Ha! I was going to say that Martians would invade before Jason and Elizabeth got back together but I see that Jacque beat me to it. Not surprising. :|

    You should have got the purse, you could have whacked the misbehaving relatives with it. Oh wait! You were probably the one misbehaving...

  8. On another note, does anyone else have the urge to press the handicapped sign when they post a comment? I do. Reading those non-word words is hard!

  9. This blog so made my day. The house was eerily quiet when I started reading this and then all you heard was me laughing my head off.

    I feel the desire to get all biblical with my response to Jason and Elizabeth reuniting. The seven seals signaling the coming of the apocalypse would arrive before they reunite.

    Have fun at the wedding and get a little tipsy! :)