Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn. *sigh*

On the deck of our house in the North Georgia mountains, Tallulah takes it easy .....

... stares at me through the screen on the porch...

....and plays peek-a-boo through the windsock....

...the leaves seem to turn slowly this year...

...even though the early evening sun brightens the color of this one...

...but the cool afternoons and evenings on the porch is my favorite part of Autumn.


[my current reading choice of New England White by Stephen L. Carter, my journal, a favorite fountain pen, candles, and a small glass of wine]

Images from Sunday, October 17, 2010, Lakemont, Georgia.



  1. What a lovely autumn setting you've created for yourself. The wonderful contentment this season brings never fails to amaze me (no wonder it's my favorite).

    Enjoy the blissful reading!

  2. The picture of your porch reminds me of why I am so jealous of you and David. Invite us soon. :)