Friday, October 1, 2010

"On a golden autumn day..."

Wind chimes tingling and clinking.

Cross breeze passing through the house.

Cats sitting in the window.

Soup simmering on the stove.

Pumpkin sitting on the porch.

Autumn. Glorious autumn. God’s reminder to us of the passage of time --

As I awoke this am at daybreak, my windows raised for the cool of the night, I shivered as I moved about -- a good kind of cool -- the kind that makes me slip on a long-sleeved shirt and cup instead of hold my steaming cup of coffee.

I stepped outside, still barefooted, enjoying the freshness of the day and being thankful that I can embrace it instead of heading to a school building where the day is hidden behind concrete walls and small windows. I love the freedom of having the whole day ahead of me to bask in its perfectness.

When its cool, I resurface, emerge from the cocoon of my temperature controlled car and house. I stretch, I roll back the sun-roof, I sit outside for lunch, I smile, and I swoon under its beauty.

That’s what I do when a day like this, a week like this comes -- "I'm pretending it's paradise/on a golden autumn day."

*tee hee*

I just posted my first video on my blog.
It only took me a year.

*high fives self*

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