Friday, November 5, 2010

Fallingwater 1

After our morning walk, we headed to Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright country house, built in the 1930s for the Kaufmann family, owners of an upscale department store in Pittsburgh . After the death of his parents, Edward Kaufmann, Jr, donated the house to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in 1963 to hold for public enjoyment and appreciation.

Since then, over a hundred thousand people a year take a tour of the house and the grounds, where Wright assured with his imaginative and forward thinking design that the house in its natural setting would integrate.

As our tour guide would say, "the house is recognized worldwide as the paradigm of organic architecture, and because it was Wright's first significant commission after designing little for more than a decade."

Apparently the house brought much debate at the time and publicity for its price as well as its complex architecture and its famous architect.

Above, David reads about the building of the house.

Frank Lloyd Wright
{he looks like Reverend Lively, to me, a preacher from my early days in church}

Members of the Kaufman family and friends enjoy the outdoors on a summer weekend.
I loved this picture -- just for the outfits. I think, I might buy me a hat. :)

Before our tour, David and I walked about the grounds as we waited for the rest of our family to get there. The property itself is amazing in its foliage, many waterfalls, and beauty.

I took this picture of the house from a distance before we left on our tour. None of the pictures really do it justice. The house has this amazing openness and the feeling of continuous space -- it really is jaw dropping in its originality.

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  1. what an incredible house. I would love to live there.