Sunday, November 14, 2010

View from the Beach

Sunday, November 14, at the beach:

and big houses....
cause, well, everybody ain't suffering from the economic down turn;
I'm guessing on that .... they could have given up their weekly massage.


The birds -- gulls, petrels, and sandpipers do their thang.... in flocks.
I saw a seagull peck at a petrel like the bully of the beach, btw.
He had a huge fish -- he could have shared...

Crazy wind surfer...
cause the wind was crazy.
Just sayin'.

"Bird without head."

Sounds like the title of a Picasso, doesn't it?
He actually does have a head, btw.

Big kite... for wind surfer...

Big surf, as well...

The shattered water made a misty din.
Great waves looked over others coming in,
And thought of doing something to the shore
That water never did to land before.


Robert Frost, "Something by the Pacific"

except this is the Atlantic....



"Once by the Atlantic"


I'm so funny.
Except not.


  1. Wow - the beach is so deserted .. . if you don't count the birds! I hope you had a great time!

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  3. Ok, lets try this again. I left whole words out of my last comment. No alcohol involved. We so love having you here. You make us remember the things that make living here so perfect.