Thursday, November 18, 2010

So look.

When I returned from Florida, I couldn't believe the red maple. So look.
I promise -- I'll return to telling bad family stories soon.

BTW: I remind myself of my mother these days -- always oohing and aahing over things in nature, while the rest of you young things thumb your way across your application keyboards.



  1. Those photos are beautiful. Our red maple decided to die on us this year, and we had it cut down. I miss the color. But not the leaves.

  2. Brightly colored leaves are at the top of my "things I miss about the South" list. Along with thunderstorms!

  3. My husband's official reaction to the postcard in today's mail: "Uh, who sent us this? *noise of disgust that can't be replicated on a keyboard* That's just gross."


  4. Gorgeous. Not as many red maples in Nebraska as there are on the east coast -- I miss them.

    BTW, is that your beach house in FL, the one with the awesome, awesome porch??? Wicked jealous...even if it's a rental!

  5. So, I must be old too. I gush about beautiful things in nature.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet you.