Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally: The Wedding Blog

Succop Conservancy dates back to an Irish immigrant by the name of Mr. John Maharg. Maharg settled in Penn Township in 1804. The main part of the house was built in 1830. The bank barn, summer kitchen and wash house were added in the 1850’s. John Maharg died in 1871 and the property remained in his family until 1921.

The home and property were then sold to T.W. Phillips Jr., who was the son of the founder of T.W. Phillips Gas and Oil Company. Shortly after the passing of T.W. Jr., his daughter Margaret and her husband, A. Craig Succop purchased the estate and updated the house with all the modern amenities including indoor plumbing. At this time the estate was a working farm with chickens, cows and horses. Following World War II, the Succops once again updated the house by adding two more wings on to the original house.

Margaret passed away in 1990 and her husband Craig, passed away in 1996. The Succop’s eldest son Tom and his wife Jo Ann moved back to the family estate shortly after the death of his father. Tom and Jo Ann graciously donated the estate to the Butler County Community College Education Foundation in 2001. The Succop Conservancy is owned, operated and maintained by the foundation.

Copied and pasted from their website, the above background information tells a little about the location that Nora and Bryan chose for their wedding.

Unfortunately, I took few photos of the grounds as David and I rushed to get there [we were late -- we went to get balloons], and we received numerous phone calls as to "where you at?" to let us know that the bride needed the finishing touches on her hair.

In the bride's room and armed with a curling iron the size of a flute and enough hair spray for a Sandra Dee movie, David, assisted by Amy, the maid of honor, adds some more... I dunno, spray?

Amy checks her skirt for....?

The cousins and Angie await the bride...

Brother Hunter escorts the bride down the aisle...

[I'm thinking my brother looks like my grandpa?]

*wipes tears*

{the music gets me every time as well as my brother looking like grandpa
*le sigh* }

The newlyweds and mother of the bride...

Brother Kenneth and Brother Hunter laugh -- as the story is told that someone asked Kenneth if he was Hunter's dad.

LOL -- well, I laughed cause it was not I who was accused of being old enough to be my own brother's father {or mother}.

BTW: Hunter is the oldest. You need to know that.

To the right is Nora's maternal granddaddy.

The cousins peer into the room where the cake is being cut ... you're never too old to want cake!

The cousins play "redneck golf" on the grounds of the Conservancy...

more "redneck golf"

and more rednecks play "redneck golf"

BTW: We Southerners dominated that game .... hmmm.

*scratches head*

Nephew-in-law David and David strike a pose... not a particularly good one, I might add.

Bocce Ball?
Did they lose?
In those suspenders, Brother Kenneth looks like he could sue.

Glenn gives a thumbs up for games at a wedding. Better than dancing, perhaps?

The cousins gather for another photo opportunity. Who's next for nuptials?


I'm ready, but let me lose a few pounds so I don't look like a German tank in a sausage casing.

*tee hee*

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  1. Thanks for FINALLY blogging about the wedding. It looks as beautiful as you said it was. What a fabulous place too. Congratulations to the bride's family on a job well done.