Monday, November 15, 2010

Nick. Santa.

This is Nick, Laura's dog.
He flunked the test to be a "service dog."
Laura says it's because he's actually smart --- cause "why would he want to help others when he could swim in the ocean, tear stuffed toys apart, eat red bell pepper, and whole bran muffins complete with paper?"
Nick: Woof.

Nick's Santa.
Santa lies mostly face down, like he's been massacred, in the courtyard except when he's in Nick's mouth.

Nick carries Santa away.
Nick and David play with Santa together -- but they are too quick for my film.
David pulls on Santa.
Nick pulls on Santa and makes this low happy, grunting sound.
It's hard to explain.
Both David and Nick and Santa.

David holds Nick's mug for the camera...

Nick also has a Spidey, whom he has de -legged for us pretty soon after we arrived.
Cartoon dog.


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  1. The sole spider leg photo made me laugh out loud!