Friday, November 5, 2010

Mill Run

After the wedding, we stayed at a B&B named Country Seasons in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.
We stopped in this area in order to see Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

This open country has few accommodations, but this little four roomed inn was awesome.
The innkeepers names were Liberty and James [both were former librarians].
Liberty -- what a great name for a Pennsylvania native! LOL

Here we are, bright and early and full of a breakfast of pumpkin French toast with real maple syrup, apple wood bacon, and hot coffee-- YUM --

ready for a walk

that was --


As we walked up the road that ran behind the inn, the orange and reds of fall greeted us with such a vibrant splash of color.
Totally breathtaking and wondrous... we oooh and awed our way up, stopping at many points to admire and take photos.

The road was pretty much traffic less --only a lone school bus
*holds up sign of the cross*
and a farmer on his four-wheeler passed us.

I adore this photo, taken at the top of the hill we climbed, because it showed the countryside -- the well kept green land, the tops of trees off in the distance, and the small mountains that lay to the west, somewhere over there, I think, was Pittsburgh.


This makes me wanna channel a little James Taylor and "Country Road"
... yeah, yeah, yeah....

The happy walkers, shedding clothes and climbing stumps, reached the crest of the road -- the top.

I hate it that I didn't get better pictures of the many houses and farms that were lit up at night. I don't know if it's a tradition or not, but these homes decorated for the harvest with pumpkins, and a lot of them had single candles in every window,
such a welcoming sight. It gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies.

For Liberty and James, our innkeepers, a little free advertising. Muah!


  1. The photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful area!

  2. I love this too. What a beautiful place.