Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fallingwater 2

As we approached the house, I took this picture. I'm not sure what the idol is [some kind of famous bronze] or the wading pool [called the plunge] is for.. LOL -- I was taking pictures while I could. I did love the steps to the water, which are sky lit, and the way the stone stairs on the entrance are kind of masked by the stone wall. Totally cool.

This is the view if you turned around and looked the other way from the stone steps.

More steps -- again, I took pictures while I could.
This was the last photo I took before we were taken inside and none were allowed.

After the tour, we went to what they called the "most beautiful view" of the house from the grounds. You can't see if for our pose -- eh?

I actually liked the other one better [see on Fallingwater 1].

As we exited... we stopped to strike, yet another pose...

the walk back to the parking lot

Incredible, seriously.

and the drive out...

as my friend Wingate would conclude -- "magnificent."

BTW: Fallingwater was not just green -- I mean, it was green.
Note the sign below in the ladies' restroom.

I loved the directions for the hand dryer.. but

I didn't like that the hand dryer was powerful enough to move the skin on my hands around like chicken flesh.

Just sayin'.

David: You took pictures inside the restroom?
Me: Yeah, it was interesting.
David: They arrest people for doing stuff like that and it ruins their careers.
Me: I don't have a career... any more.
David: Don't people in the restroom look at you funny?
Me: I'm not taking pictures of people in the restroom. I don't know if they look at me funny cause I'm not looking at them. I'm looking at objects.
David: You're weird.
Me: Like that's news. I need these for my blog.
David: *sigh*


  1. I've always wanted to see Falling Water. Your pictures entice me even more...even that bathroom shots (you can tell David I said that!).

  2. Umm... TT?

    Should I tell you that I was in my son's class doing an Art Awareness lesson on Frank Lloyd Wright this week?

    We were talking about this VERY house (among so many of his other great works). The kids were enthralled with how he took hollyhocks and wheat shaffs and turned them into abstract art for windows but this house. Yeah, they were agog.

    Yep, I'm officially jealous now.

    You've BEEN there.


    I'll sniffle a little while hanging up the kids stained glass windows on Tuesday. Tissue paper and Modge Podge just can't compete with such an organic masterpiece.

    Sshhh... don't tell the first graders though. LOL.