Thursday, November 11, 2010

5:15 PM, Thursday, November 11

Summers lovely meadows green
Sylvan shades and fairy bowers
Dewy dawns and eves serene
Balmy air and pretty flowers
All these sweets will soon be gone
Fading dying one by one

Autumn breathes a colder breath
Warning us of winter's chill
Nature passes on to death
Beautiful in dying still
Cheeks aglowing in decay
Blushing as they fade away

Could there be a grander sight
Than our forests' rainbow tints
Glancing, changing in the light
Fairer far than colourd prints
Surely death cannot be grief
To that rosy maple leaf

Emblem of my fleeting days
Verdant, change, frail and brief
O that as my strength decays
I may show the maple leaf
Fair in every passing stage
Still more beautiful in age.

Autumn -- The Fall of a Leaf
-- S. Moore

I took these photos this afternoon... aren't they delicious?


  1. You have given me back one of the things I miss about living there. Thanks. :)

  2. Love that poem...and the Japanese maple leaves (I think that's what those are). The last of fall color is being rained off the trees today. Winter is finally breathing down our necks after a long and glorious fall in NE!

  3. nothing like fall colors! i had the strange desire last week to be somewhere in new hampshire, vermont, or massachusetts - somewhere with hills of brightly colored trees, the smell of sea salt, and clam chowder! i love fall.